Mahindra XUV 500 Hybrid Asansol

SUV has all the standard components, but it has an electric motor that connects with 2.2 litres solar diesel engine. This is the first diesel hybrid system in car market. The Mahindra standard XUV500 is provided with a six-speed manual suspension, that’s why its measured with AMT (Quanto AT) for the highest power fusion.

Mahindra has accepted the cue and will introduce the light hybrid version of XUV500 in the next six to twelve months. Mahindra's light hybrid version is called as 'Intelli-hybrid' what we have seen in Scorpio.

Mahindra has a 'micro-hybrid' system, which is basically an automatic start / stop feature. It acts as an alternative action to provide light electrical supply between some driving conditions. It will be replaced by Intel-Hybrid automatically / stop, brake regeneration, a larger battery power and a starter motor.

Intel-Hybrid Scorpio can increase fuel efficiency by 70% and XUV500 may also be expected with the same efficiency. In order to the generation of electricity and hybrid vehicles, the government adopts Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (FAME) projects and adopt rapid adoption.

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